Private Charters

Isle of Skye

Private Charters (maximum 15 passengers)

  • 3 wineries and a lunch stop take between 5-6 hours
  • Can be fully enclosed for inclement weather
  • Includes large cooler with ice & bottled water
  • Winery tasting fees and lunch are not included in the price
  • Passengers are allowed to bring any/all food & beverages of their own
  • Van transportation to the boat dock is available
  • Prices include tax & tip for the Captain

PRICE: Monday-Thursday $805 | Friday-Saturday-Sunday $1150


Private Charters (maximum 6 passengers)

Can be fully enclosed if weather is inclement.
$150 per hour for first 2 hours. $100 per hour thereafter. Plus 15% gratuity.
(ex. 4 hours = $575 total)

II Special

Private Charters (maximum 6 passengers)

Luxurious open seating, high speed, no enclosure or top.
$250 per hour for the first 2 hours. $100 per hour thereafter. Plus 15% gratuity.
(ex. 3 hours = $690 total)

Other tours are available at hourly rates. Call to inquire

All private charters can bring any/all snacks and beverages aboard.
Large coolers are provided and bottled water is complimentary.
Winery tasting fees are not included for private charters.
All charters not originating in Interlaken/Sheldrake have a $75 pickup charge.